The March 1 Lunation and World Events

In my Astrology E-Alert issued to subscribers on Friday Feb 28th I examined the March 1 New Moon event using the tried and true McWhirter method. In my message to readers I specifically said :

The New Moon at 11 Pisces is at a 120 degree aspect to Jupiter. This has the potential to create an emotional response starting right now. In addition, as the New Moon event unfolds, Mercury will resume its Direct motion and Mars will turn Retrograde.  

For those who bought my 2014 Almanac which I wrote way back in July 2013, I echoed these same comments on page 22.

Well, here we go……the Astrology is correct yet again.

As North America settles down in front of the TV to watch the Oscars, the markets have now opened in Asia on this Sunday night. I see Dow futures down 135 points right out of the gate. The talking heads on TV are ranting about North Korea having fired test missiles, Putin’s forces having taken over airports in parts of Ukraine, the rouble currency weakening, sanctions possibly being imposed. It’s like the world has suddenly come un-hinged over the week-end. Events in the cosmos really do drive our emotions. By knowing how to examine these astrological events using the McWhirter method, one can predict many months in advance where the pressure points are.

Enjoy the Oscars this evening……I will be at my desk finishing the final edits on my soon to be printed McWhirter Study Guide….Watch my website for details on this publication later this week…





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