Mercury – Retrograde and Elongation


In a recent edition of my Astrology E-Alert (see , I went into considerable detail for subscribers on the topic of Mercury. Here is what I discussed:

Traditional astrologers will tell you to be careful when Mercury is Retrograde. You can easily flip open the pages of your Ephemeris and read the dates when Mercury will be Retrograde. Traditional astrology says do not sign any contracts, do not start any major new projects, do not cross the street, do not get out of bed and so on….when Mercury is Retrograde.

Mercury does not orbit the Sun in a perfect circle. It is subject to the gravitational pull from the Sun. Hence, its orbit is more like that of an ellipse (oval shape). This means that in its orbital path, it will have periods of time when it is farther removed from the Sun.

These times of maximum elongation determine whether we can see Mercury in the morning sky or the evening sky . These maxima and minima of elongation from the Sun are also closely associated with Retrograde events and as such must be used in combination with the Retrograde events to properly interpret the markets ( or human behaviour for that matter).

In 2014, Mercury will make 3 cycles around the Sun and with each cycle there will be a time when Mercury is at its maximum easterly elongation from Sun and a time when it is at its maximum westerly elongation rom Sun.

These dates are: Jan 31 (easterly elongation) and March 14 (westerly) ; May 25 and July 12 ; Sept 21 and Nov 1.

Sandwiched in between these dates are the time spans when we mortals on Earth view Mercury as being Retrograde. The start/stop dates for Retrograde in 2014 are: Feb 6 / Feb 27 ; June 7 / June 30 ; October 4 / October 24.

The above chart illustrates daily nearest price action of Dow Jones futures so far during 2014. I have overlaid this chart with red boxes to show Mercury Retrograde events. I have also added arrows to show maximum elongation dates.

Note that the sell-off that gripped the market early in 2014 ended as a Mercury Retrograde event started.

 Note that the Dow peaked just as Mercury turned Retrograde again last week.

The conclusion that must be drawn from this study is that Mercury, its Retrograde and its elongation events, cannot be ignored when studying the equity markets. Somehow its orbital action has an effect on the human psyche and that effect manifests itself in buying and selling action on instruments like the Dow Jones futures.






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