Wheat and its natal Sun

In a recent edition of my Astrology E-Alert, I included some comments on Wheat futures. In particular, I noted…..

Wheat futures started trading for the very first time (the “first trade date“) on January 2, 1877. At that date, Sun was at 12 degrees of Capricorn. This is what is then called the “natal Sun position” for Wheat.

As transiting planets pass the natal Sun location, turning points can be seen often on Wheat prices. The following chart illustrates monthly nearest price action on Wheat futures.

Note that in early 2008 as Jupiter was passing the natal Sun position, wheat made a significant price high. Jupiter will again pass natal Sun 6 year from now in 2020.

Notice that in 2012, a rally in Wheat prices was halted as Mars passed through a 90 degree aspect to natal Sun. Mars is again passing 90 degrees to natal Sun right now.

Note further that I have overlaid this chart with a large green wedge. Wedge patterns will always resolve themselves – either up or down. Wheat is at a critical juncture right now as Mars makes its 90 degree aspect.

In November 2014, Mars will make a 0 degree aspect to the natal Sun location at 12 Capricorn. Watch for a significant price development at that time too.

You will further note that I have overlaid this Wheat chart with Jupiter 1st order harmonic lines. I calculate my harmonics using the equation advanced by Italian mathematician Fabio Oreste. Study these harmonics closely and I trust you will agree with me that they seem to align to those events when significant aspects were made to the natal Sun.

Wheat is at a critical juncture. If you are a Wheat futures trader, watch for something possibly interesting to happen to Wheat prices in the coming week as the wedge pattern tries to resolve itself under the influence of a Mars aspect and under the influence of a Jupiter harmonic line……




2 comments on “Wheat and its natal Sun


    Wheat prices are going to rise or fall

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    • astrofeb64 says:

      are you asking the question – will wheat rise or fall from here?

      at any astrological pressure point (such as Mars 90 degrees to natal Sun…) one needs to watch the chart technicals for evidence of a trend change (and a change in human emotion). Right now I see no such evidence – with price under the 20d moving average and the 14 period DMI still showing a negative crossover on Dec’14 Wheat. If this Mars transit is going to turn the trend, the chart technicals had better soon start improving. Time is ticking away….by June 29th, this Mars transit will be complete as will the current Mercury retrograde event.

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