Astrology and non-North American Stocks

YES Bank astro

I was recently approached by a subscriber from India asking me whether astrology could be used to interpret the price behavior of a stock listed on the Indian Stock Exchange in Bombay. He gave me a list of stocks he follows and I randomly picked one from the list – an entity called Yes Bank.

I approached this question with great trepidation. After all, India is half a world away from North America and the Indian culture has its own variety of astrology (Vedic Astrology). What I found shocked me. As the above chart shows, events such as transiting Sun making hard aspects to the natal Sun position in the Yes Bank first trade chart align to changes of trend and the crossing (up and down) through moving averages. Jupiter events also align to significant price changes on the stock.

This brief investigation suggests to me that the entirety of humanity is impacted by events in the cosmos, whether we follow traditional western astrology or not. I shall be making it a point to look at other Indian-listed stocks going forward to see what other astro phenomena can be used to interpret price actions.




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