Astrology and “weed” Stocks ( OTC:CANN)

Medical marijuana is a hot topic these days – and getting hotter. Here in Canada where I sit, we are seeing struggling small cap junior mining companies “re-create” themselves by planning to get into the pot growing business. How many of them will eventually succeed remains unclear at this point. But there have been companies to date that have made the switch and seem to be making money either growing weed or supplying infrastructure and equipment to those who do grow it.

A case in point is a US firm that was born in 1987 as ProMap. This company started life with a plan to sell maps to the oil and gas industry. Not that long ago, ProMap changed its legal name to Advanced Cannabis Solutions ( ticker CANN on the OTC market) and started providing commercial space and equipment to licensed growers in Colorado.

The following stock chart shows the explosive ride the stock has enjoyed.

Interestingly enough, the rise in share price co-incided with Saturn passing by 0 degrees (conjunction) to the natal Sun position in the natal horoscope of Nov 12, 1987.

Interesting further is that the price rise effectively stalled out as both Saturn and Mars turned Retrograde earlier this year.

The good news is, Saturn will not make another 0 degree conjunction to natal Sun for a very long time. Mars is due to pass by natal Sun in November. In a recent edition of the E-Alert, I advised that people put CANN on their watch list. I suspect that Mars may spur some price action as it conjuncts natal Sun. This stock has had one explosive ride upwards. Another one is not out of the question…



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