Gold Astro Update – July 20, 2014

In my most recent edition of the E-Alert ( , I provided subscribers with an update on Gold. The following chart is what I included in my write-up. The lines projected from the March 2014 high are of course the Gann lines. The colored bands on the chart are the heliocentric and geocentric harmonic lines. The geo and helio harmonics for these outer planets are so close mathematically that I decided to simply create a band of price to include them both.

I offered a longer explanation in the E-Alert which I will not include here. I trust you can draw your own conclusions from this chart as to the situation with Gold and where support and resistance levels are.

Gold July 2014 Harmonics


One comment on “Gold Astro Update – July 20, 2014

  1. Jupiter & Son in Leo — 1 degree Leo is gold degree. World aggression — the kings attack — or we would say hegemony activated. Gold should be up now as the world turns into turmoil.

    When Neptune planet of illusion opposed the 1 degree Gold Leo there was the largest gold hoax ever with the price of Bre-X going into the billions. There was no gold.

    — Victor Fletcher / / Toronto Astrologer columnist

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