Sun-Jupiter Conjunctions and the Toronto Stock Exchange

Transiting Sun and transiting Jupiter are making a 0 degree conjunction. This has implications for the Toronto Stock exchange in Canada. As the following weekly chart illustrates, Sun-Jupiter 0 degree aspects do have a tendency to align to times of trend change on the TSX Composite Index. The TSX has had a healthy run of late and a retracement from here would not be out of the question. This does not suggest a dire market crash, but rather a normal, healthy pause to let corporate fundamentals catch up with share price.

This is the type of stuff I seek to address in my Astrology E-Alert which goes out to subscribers weekly. In each weekly edition, I aim to enlighten readers on astrological phenomena that influence human emotion. It is human emotion (and the changes thereof) that drives people to buy or sell on the markets. Therefore, I argue, that the price activity on the markets is not driven by analyst reports or P/E ratios, but rather by events in our cosmos.

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TSX Sun Jupiter


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