ASX 200 and Uranus Harmonics

Harmonic lines as calculated using the Oreste methodology can be used to get a better handle on the ASX200 Index in Australia.

In the calculations, I have set CS=2.

I find that the Uranus harmonics are particularly powerful at having aligned to past swing highs and lows. Hence, if following the ASX200, I advise continuing to watch the Uranus harmonics (and sub-harmonics).

The following chart ( not the greatest…) was extracted from a website that I found. I have overlaid the various Uranus harmonics and sub-harmonics on it. Notice, if you will, how well these lines have caught past swing pivot points.

The next target for the ASX 200 is the 5788 level which is a full harmonic. Recent comments from the team at Helix Trader in Australia point to a developing rising wedge pattern. These comments should be taken seriously as rising wedges can turn ugly in a hurry. A likely turning point for this wedge pattern is the 5788 Uranus harmonic.

ASX200 and Uranus harmonics




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