Alibaba (Nasdaq:BABA)

In early October I offered up a preliminary look at internet commerce giant Alibaba. At that time I postulated that Pluto inverse quantum price lines (CS=1/8) would be a good tool to use.

Now that I have more price data to work with, I have refined this notion and I now advise that Neptune quantum lines are the ones to use. On the following chart I have sketched in the Neptune lines. I have indicated the price levels where some of these  lines reside. On your price charts at home you can use a ruler and a pencil to extend these lines several months forward. I have also overlaid Mars quantum lines.

If you are using Market Analyst software, I will be happy to email you the template workbook for this Alibaba chart complete with harmonics so you don’t have to waste time calculating harmonics.

Alibaba updated Nov 2014

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