Cycles of Venus

To the ancient Babylonians, the planet Venus was called Ishtar – the Goddess of War. Venus was further revered by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and even the Mayan civilization who were said to have launched attacks on their enemies only at certain times of the Venus cycle.

The Venus cycle is 584 days in length as viewed from our geocentric position here on Earth. A typical Venus cycle starts at what is called Inferior Conjunction – when Venus is between Earth and the Sun as the following diagram illustrates.

Venus Inferior

After Inferior Conjunction, Venus is then visible in the morning eastern sky as the Morning Star for 263 days. For any of you familiar with the rituals of the Freemasons, you will recognize this reference to the Morning Star. Venus then goes through a period called Superior Conjunction (where Sun is between Earth and Venus) as the following diagram illustrates.

Venus Superior

During the 50 days of superior Conjunction, Venus is not visible to the unaided human eye.

Once it does become visible again, it appears to us as an object in the western evening sky as the Evening Star for 263 days.

It then approaches Inferior Conjunction and a new cycle starts again.

To address the question of whether or not Venus impacts human emotion, consider the following:

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