Harmonic Lines that Intersect

W.D. Gann had many tools in his arsenal. One of the most powerful was what he called Planetary Transit Lines. This technique was made possible when he devised the Wheel of 24 which allowed him to connect price and planetary orbital time. Jeanne Long in her writings in the 1980s took Gann’s work and refined it a bit more into the Universal Clock. In 2012, Italian mathematician Fabio Oreste took matters one step further in his book Quantum Trading.  Oreste applied some basic quantum physics to the concept of Planetary Transit Lines. I am sure Einstein would be doing the happy jig if he were alive to day to see how quantum science extends to the financial markets.

Long story short – what one should be alert for are times when Planetary Lines intersect. These intersections all too often represent points of  trend change. Sometimes the trend change is big, sometimes small. In order to benefit from these intersecting lines you need to be comfortable using stochastics or one of the oscillator indicators. If the technical indicators are suggesting an overbought or oversold market and if there is a harmonic line cross apparent in the very near future you are then in the unique position of being able to capture a piece of the trend change either through an options spread or an outright buy or sell trade.

I recently posted a couple videos on my AstrologicalTrader YouTube channel which I encourage you to look at. (http://youtu.be/qS4w3yDWWdY)

I will wrap up this short blog piece with a chart of Corn futures on which I have overlaid Jupiter, Neptune and Mars harmonic lines. I have indicated on the chart the various intersection points. Take a look at them, take a look at what price did within a couple days of the intersection and I think you will see why they are such a powerful tool.

Now that I have the very efficient software program Market Analyst, I can quickly perform the overlay of harmonic lines. In each edition of my weekly astrology E-Alert (see http://www.investingsuccess.ca for details) I make it a point to profile various stocks, commodities and indices in the context of harmonic lines.

What will make you sit back in contemplative silence is when you start to see how often times these harmonic intersections also occur just as various astrological phenomena are occurring. We do not control the Universe. In fact, the Universe controls us and our emotions which in turn then influence the financial markets. W.D. Gann tried to explain this many years ago and now Fabio Oreste in his book Quantum Trading is reminding us of such yet again.

Russell 2000 Entelechy


Mercury and Venus Cycles and the Dow Jones Average

Last evening on Bloomberg, I heard a portfolio manager tell the interviewer that he is sensing a cautious emotion on Wall Street right now. He could not explain this emotion other than to say the Yield Curve is pointing to sluggish growth ahead and with stocks fairly ( and in many cases fully…) valued he reckons portfolio managers are waiting for a correction.

When it comes to investor emotion, one phenomenon that I have been watching is the behavior of the Dow with respect to heliocentric cycles of Venus and Mercury. W.D. Gann reportedly also paid strict attention to these cycles.

Embedded in this post are two weekly charts for the Dow Jones Average. I have quickly drawn in some vertical lines on each chart to illustrate the Venus and Mercury heliocentric cycles. You can see that (give or take a couple weeks either side…) there is a curious alignment between these cycles and inflection points on the Dow. Note that I say it is a curious alignment – not a 100% correlation.

So, looking ahead, we may well see some interesting behavior on the Dow as we go into early April which would mark the end of a Mercury cycle that arguably started at the beginning of January 2014. Don’t forget also that in mid April we have an eclipse event that could lend a heavy hand to market action. Looking a bit farther ahead yet, we may see a reaction on the Dow in August 2014 as a Venus cycle wraps up.

So, in summary, the past performance of the Dow suggests that we may well see a reaction very soon in response to the end of the Mercury heliocentric cycle. Watch carefully and be prepared…ImageImage